Article XIV, Section 8 of the Texas Constitution

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This section was repealed August 5, 1969.

Editor Comments

The former section was adopted in 1876 and never amended.

It read: "Persons residing between the Nueces river and the Rio Grande and owning grants which emanated from the government of Spain, or that of Mexico which grants have been recognized and validated by the State, by acts of the Legislature, approved February 10, 1862, August 16, 1870, and other acts, and who have been prevented from complying with the requirements of said acts by the unsettled condition of the country, shall be allowed until the first day of January, 1880, to complete their surveys, and the plots thereof, and to return their field notes to the General Land Office; and all claimants failing to do so shall be forever barred; provided, nothing in this section shall be so construed as to validate any titles not already valid, or to interfere with the rights of third persons."

Categorized as "deadwood," it and numerous other sections were repealed by the same ballot proposition in 1969.

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