The Constitution of the State of Texas: An Annotated and Comparative Analysis

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In this unique resource, the authors provide factual information regarding the origins, historical development and contemporary meaning of each section of the Texas Constitution of 1876. They also provide insightful personal commentary on each section.

The preface provides a good overview of the substantive content of the two-volume set.

For example, the preface states: "This project, an annotated and comparative analysis of the Texas Constitution, was designed to be a research tool for the delegates to the [1974] Constitutional Convention. . . . As revised, these volumes remain what they were originally designed to be—a research tool for a layman or lawyer who wants a general, albeit accurate, understanding of a particular constitutional provision."

The books were published in 1977. The constitutional text contained in the books is current through the amendment election held April 22, 1975.

The Texas State Law Library, with the permission of the authors, digitized both books. The public may access the books on the library's website.