Article III, Section 48-f of the Texas Constitution

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As amended November 2, 1999:

The legislature, by law, may provide for the creation, operation, and financing of jail districts and may authorize each district to issue bonds and other obligations and to levy an ad valorem tax on property located in the district to pay principal of and interest on the bonds and to pay for operation of the district. An ad valorem tax may not be levied and bonds secured by a property tax may not be issued until approved by the qualified voters of the district voting at an election called and held for that purpose.

Editor Comments

The purpose of this section is to allow jail districts (subject to voter approval) to assess and collect a property tax.

The section, added in 1987, was originally numbered Article III, Section 48-e.

However, two unrelated sections numbered 48-e were approved that year.

In 1997, the section's substance was moved from number 48-e to number 48-f.

Steve Smith

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