Article I, Section 11-b of the Texas Constitution ("Denial of Bail for Violation of Condition of Release")

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As amended November 6, 2007:

Any person who is accused in this State of a felony or an offense involving family violence, who is released on bail pending trial, and whose bail is subsequently revoked or forfeited for a violation of a condition of release may be denied bail pending trial if a judge or magistrate in this State determines by a preponderance of the evidence at a subsequent hearing that the person violated a condition of release related to the safety of a victim of the alleged offense or to the safety of the community.

Editor Comments

Sections 11, 11-a, 11-c and 13 of Article I also directly address bail for those accused of criminal offenses.

This section, added in 2005, was amended in 2007 by the same ballot proposition that added Section 11-c.

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