Article VII, Section 3a of the Texas Constitution

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This section was repealed August 5, 1969.

Editor Comments

The former section, added in 1909 and never amended, validated the existence and bonds of every school district.

Categorized as "deadwood," it and numerous other sections were repealed by the same ballot proposition in 1969.

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  • Parks v. West, 111 S.W. 726, 727-28 (Tex. 1908) ("By authorizing the creation of districts 'within all or any of the counties' the Constitution impliedly commands that they be not created otherwise. . . . This power is expressly given and is so defined as to exclude any broader one applicable to the formation of such districts. No definition can be given of the words of the phrase in question which will make them embrace districts not comprehended by the lines of any county, but covering parts of several counties. Any construction that would do that would not only contradict the language of the amendment but would leave the phrase under consideration without any operation whatever.")

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