Article XI, Section 10 of the Texas Constitution

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This section was repealed August 5, 1969.

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The former section was adopted in 1876 and never amended.

It read: "The Legislature may constitute any city or town a separate and independent school district. And when the citizens of any city or town have a charter, authorizing the city authorities to levy and collect a tax for the support and maintenance of a public institution of learning, such tax may hereafter be levied and collected, if, at an election held for that purpose, two-thirds of the tax payers of such city or town shall vote for such tax."

Categorized as "deadwood," it and numerous other sections were repealed by the same ballot proposition in 1969.

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Historic Decisions

  • City of Ft. Worth v. Davis, 57 Tex. 225, 234 (1882) ("It must be confessed that the true meaning of this section is involved in doubt; and because of that fact, we are justified in giving weight to the construction given it by the legislative and executive departments. That construction is that . . . . But it is the opinion of the court that it cannot be said to be clearly wrong, and that the statutes authorizing town taxation for the support of public schools, upon a vote of two-thirds of the tax-payers of the town, cannot be said to be clearly unconstitutional and void. Having given the subject careful examination, and being still in doubt, the opinion of the court is that the statutes in question must be held valid.")

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