Article XV, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution

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Adopted February 15, 1876:

The power of impeachment shall be vested in the House of Representatives.

Editor Comments

This section does not identify the public officials subject to impeachment or provide a list of impeachable offenses.

It also fails to mandate any procedure. For example, it is unclear whether a simple majority is sufficient to impeach.

Steve Smith

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Historic Decisions

  • Ferguson v. Maddox, 263 S.W. 888, 892 (Tex. 1924) ("The Constitution in this matter . . . created nothing new. By it, something existing and well understood was simply adopted. The power granted to the House to 'impeach,' and the Senate to try 'impeachment,' carries with it, by inevitable implication, the power to the one to prefer and to the other to try charges for such official delinquencies, wrongs, or malfeasances as justified impeachment according to the principles established by the common law and the practice of the English Parliament and the parliamentary bodies in America. The grant of the general power of 'impeachment' properly and sufficiently indicates the causes for its exercise.")

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