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members Constitutional Convention of 1875

Summary: Article provides brief introduction to current state constitution and links to other pages that contain text of and analysis on each section.

The Texas Constitution of 1876 is the fifth since statehood. Framed by the Constitutional Convention of 1875, it was approved by Texas voters on February 15, 1876.

It originally had 289 sections. Over the years, 234 sections have been added. However, 66 of the original sections and 52 of the added sections have been repealed.

On TLG, the preamble, each article and each section of the state constitution has its own page:


1910 Harris County Courthouse

Constructed: 1910

Restored: 2011

Location: Houston


example of small courtroom

Yes. In 2013, all Small Claims Courts in Texas were abolished. However, so-called “small claims cases” are now resolved in Justice Court. The Texas Supreme Court has adopted special rules to govern such cases. To review them, see Rules of Practice in Justice Courts.


Attorney Matt Wilson

location: Pflugerville

bar number: 24079588

practice area: Real Estate


Attorney Article

Texas Marital Property Law 101

“Nearly all Texans know that Texas is a community property state. But I'm not sure how many really know what that means—I've learned that most people think it means that each spouse gets half of everything. But if it were that simple, estate planning and divorce lawyers would be jobless. So I've devised this crash course in Texas marital property law to give you a basic working knowledge of Texas' community property system.”


Administration of the state's judicial system is handled mainly at the county level. TLG has a separate category page for each county. Links for the five most populous counties appear below along with a link that provides access to all such pages.