Article III, Section 51-d of the Texas Constitution

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As amended November 6, 1984:

The Legislature shall have the power, by general law, to provide for the payment of assistance by the State of Texas to the surviving spouse, minor children, and surviving dependent parents, brothers, and sisters of officers, employees, and agents, including members of organized volunteer fire departments and members of organized police reserve or auxiliary units with authority to make an arrest, of the state or of any city, county, district, or other political subdivision who, because of the hazardous nature of their duties, suffer death in the course of the performance of those official duties. Should the Legislature enact any enabling laws in anticipation of this amendment, no such law shall be void by reason of its anticipatory nature.

Editor Comments

In 1937, a section 51d (which concerned assistance to needy children) was added to Article III.

In 1945, that section was repealed and its substance transferred to Article III, Section 51a.

In 1963, Article III, Section 51a was renamed Article III, Section 51-a.

In 1966, the section above was added. It was amended in 1969 and 1984 to broaden its effect.

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